#21- Mike Piazza, Catcher


Year Inducted: 2016 (BBWAA, ballot #4, 365/440)

Score: 38772

It was a moment that no one thought could happen.  Following more than a week off after the terrorist attacks on September 11th, baseball resumed in New York City.  Facing their arch-rival Atlanta Braves and fighting for their playoff lives, the Mets were just coasting along in the game.  In the bottom of the eighth, and down 2-1, up came the Mets MVP, and with one swing of the bat he put an entire city on his back and made everything alright again, even if it was for a brief moment.  That moment, along with a brilliant resume, helped carry Mike Piazza into the Hall of Fame.

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#36- Tom Seaver, SP4


Year Inducted: 1992 (BBWAA, ballot #1, 425/430)

Score: 34108

The Mets managed to beat the odds in 1969 and win the World Series.  They were dubbed the Miracle Mets because merely 7 years prior, they had lost 120 games and were the joke of baseball.  But their fortunes changed forever three years prior to that.  In 1966 the Braves scouted, drafted and signed a young right-handed pitcher from USC.  There was only one problem; due to a technicality, the young pitcher’s contract was voided.  The Mets were one of three teams along with the Phillies and Indians to be placed into a lottery for the young man’s services.  The Mets won the 2 to 1 shot, and rode Tom Seaver to glory.

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