#57- Dave Winfield, RF


Year Inducted: 2001 (BBWAA, ballot #1, 435/515)

Score: 29641

There are some players that get treated somewhat unfairly due to defensive metrics.  A player like Reggie Jackson, for instance, provided a ton of value for the bat, but his defensive stats show that he gave up quite a bit of value with the glove.  Most sluggers, actually, give up a lot of value defensively.  Players like Willie McCovey, Harmon Killebrew and Ralph Kiner all had at  least -100 defensive runs in their careers, and in cases like McCovey -200.  Is that fair?  Well, to a degree it is as not many people would say that any of the above mentioned players were good fielders, so they must have given something back with the glove.  However they were each paid to hit the ball hard, which they did incredibly well.  This is all equally the case as a guy like Dave Winfield, another big slugger who has a claim as one of the worst fielders ever.

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#102- Tony Gwynn, RF


Year Inducted: 2007 (BBWAA, ballot #1, 532/545)

Score: 25041

It’s always fun to see a player spend his entire career with one team, isn’t it?  As fans, there’s nothing finer than watching a young player grow up in the team’s system, break out in the majors, play there for 20 years and then make it into the Hall of Fame.  Other than hoisting a World Series Trophy, there’s no greater joy.  Even for players like Ken Griffey, Jr that don’t play their entire careers with one team, they can become so incredibly linked that induction brings about euphoria.  Such is the case of Tony Gwynn, the lifelong Padre.

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