#33- Gary Carter, Catcher


Year Inducted: 2003 (BBWAA, ballot #6, 387/496)

Score: 35068

Most Hall of Famers, even if they play for other teams, become eternally linked with only one franchise.  Despite playing with a lot of different teams, Rickey Henderson is inescapably linked to the Athletics.  Babe Ruth played with the Red Sox and Braves, but is tied forever to the Yankees.  Some players can make a link to two different teams.  Catfish Hunter immediately springs to mind, but also Reggie Jackson (A’s and Yanks) and Dave Winfield (Padres and Yanks).  However, neither of them were the face of two Major League teams in two different continents.  That accomplishment went to Gary Carter.

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#117- Andre Dawson, RF


Year Inducted: 2010 (BBWAA, ballot #9, 420/539)

Score: 23413

Injuries have certainly played a role in either derailing potential Hall of Fame careers (Tony Conigliero most famously) or in some cases strengthening cases for some players.  While Kirby Puckett is a deserving Hall of Famer, he probably doesn’t get elected on first ballot without some voters taking his eye ailment into account.  Other players, like those in the lower part of the rankings, sometimes start on track to Hall of Fame careers, get hurt, and play through them at a much lower level than before.  And sometimes, players can power through and play very good ball for a long time like Andre Dawson.

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