#51- Ken Griffey Jr, CF


Year Inducted: 2016 (BBWAA, ballot #1, 437/440)

Score: 31109

It is mystifying that there still hasn’t been a single, solitary player that has been a unanimous selection for the Hall of Fame.  That hurts the credibility of the BBWAA for some fans, as the writers don’t have to explain their choices (even though most of them do) and don’t need to disclose who they voted for to the general public.  It would help the process in terms of transparency if the writers had to publish an apologia of their ballots not to be harassed for their opinions, but to explain them to the public that pays for the Hall of Fame.  Whether it’s just due to the politics of the ballot (with only 10 spots some writers won’t vote for an obvious candidate to help one that might need the help more) or the distinction of being a first ballot player, the fans deserve to know why a player they admired is or isn’t getting recognition for the Hall of Fame.  Perhaps, if something like this was implemented, Ken Griffey Jr may have gotten those missing three votes to be unanimous.

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